About Me

Adena Aiyer

Adena is a New Zealand trained podiatry graduate who in her time as a student topped her class in biomechanics and won prizes for her orthotic therapy work. She has since gone on to work at several sports podiatry clinics, and been part of multidisciplinary teams working together with the common goal to get people back on there feet. Adena's had extensive experience working with kids, weekend warriors, sportspeople, elite athletes and those young at heart. Adena works hard and collaboratively with her patients to make sure treatment plans work for each individual, and believes this to be paramount to successful treatment.

Adena has a background in a variety of arts including dance (ballet, jazz, contemporary, ballroom), gymnastics, aerobics, basketball, netball, dragon boating, running, cricket, softball, life saving and most recently body sculpting. This has given her an extensive knowledge of the complexities of many arts and sports. While Adena enjoys all avenues of podiatry she has a particular interest and talent for understanding the biomechanics of movement. This has lead her to specialise as a Podorthotist working with people with extensive injury to ensure they reach there rehabilitation potential.